Oh my good, things are a bit crazy around here these days, but some of the bigger more nerve racking things are getting checked off.  Like… I finally got my nationals dress.  Big load off my shoulders that’s for sure.  and guess what the sweetest part is I bought it with my daddy.  Not alot of girls can say that.  My dad is so supportive.  In fact from day one he knew about the pageant before anyone else even my mom! and he is the one making me wear my heals so I get used to them and wanting my name to get out there.  I couldn’t ask for a better dad.  He even took Father’s Day to drive around with me adn take pictures for my blog.  The ladies at the dress shop adored him and he really did make the day memorable and less of a stress.  Who can say that, not alot of girls can…that their dad is so supportive of their daughter that they would do anything just to see the smile on her fave at the end of the day.  My dad is the reason I am a patient person.  He taught me this.  He taught me to go after my dreams and be respectful.  He taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated.  For all these life lessons I can not thank him enough.  He is one of the big reasons I am here competing and the reason I am who I am.  I am respected not only because of who I am as a person but for the simple fact that I am  the daughter of a very well respected man.  Here he is folks proud as punch on his J.D. my dad…tackling the weeds and gettin ‘er done! 😀

My Dad!

As the pageant gets closer I still find myself sleeping in knowing I have a ton of things left on my to do list.  Just the other day after much consideration I decided yeah just a few more winks of shut eye wouldn’t hurt no one, but that’s when something decided it didn’t quite agree with my decision.  A BANG!  came crashing into my sister’s bedroom window and me going oh a bird doesn’t think much of it and rolls over.  But all of a sudden that bird starting screaming.  I jumped up and ran out onto the deck in my pj’s (and yes folks when you live in the country, although we arn’t far out we still are considered outside the city, can pull off sleep wear and a pair of rubber boots as appropriate outerwear) to see what all the noise was about.  There hovering over a small bird was my sister’s cat Moose and my dad’s dog Boo.  The poor bird was dazed but in good physical condition.  The last thing that poor fella needed was Moose attempting to take a bit.  This is where the belting came into play.  Dazed or not the bird still knew somethign wasn’t right.  Now Moose isn’t much of a hunter that part is left up to our other cat…Diddles, so its not entirely Moose’s fault that he can’t hunt or tell the difference between what he should try and pick up or not. And then there is Boo.  Oh Boo no words can describe Boo unless you meet him.  People that haave know this is true.  Confused and freaked right out Boo stayed his distance, but needed to know what was going on at all times.  Here are the four of use hanging out on the deck until our newest friend got rid of the star that must have been crowding his vision.

After he collected hi thoughts and some what of a clear head our friend took to the skies, deptarting from my hands into a sunny Saskatchewan sky.  With Boo and Moose both beside me I wondered what would wake me up tomorrow.
”Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”
-Robert Louis Stevenson
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