Hey folks, so most of everyone that checks out my blog and know me, are Canadian and what are us lovable Canadians known for?!  Well there’s… Hockey (a given), cold weather (brrrrrr, but nothing out of the ordinary), Tim Horton’s (duh), and yahp you may have guessed it CTV!  Ok so I’m guessing that’s not what came to mind right away, but think about it our Canadian television makes up a big part of who we are and how informed we are about the world.  Ok and sure some of you don’t have time to watch too much tv.  Heck I rarely do these days, but guess what they are a click away online. 

CTV's logo from 1961-1966. Back when it all began

Let’s take a quick stroll back in time to 1958 and what’s the talk of the town?  Well its a little thing called Canada’s Broadcasting television of course otherwise known as CTV and no longer such a little thing in today’s Canadian society.  Our society these days relies on various types of media to keep us informed on what is going on in our busy, always changing world.  There are so many things going on. CTV works with so many groups, but in comparision to how many they could work with, those few choosen must mean a great deal.  For they are either in partnership or being recognized by one of the world’s greatest leaders in broadcasting.

Started by a once twelve year old Craig Kielburger, back in 1995, the beginning for change and to fight child labour turned into what the world now knows as the organization, “Free the Children“.  Not a lot of people expect a child, espically one with what seem like unrealistic dreams and goals to actually come up with such determination and will power to keep going even with all odds stacked against him to get his message out of his classroom and off the ground and also to thrive for so long and turn into such an event with so many big names as support.  It proves that extra ordinary people can really do extra ordinary things.

Craig Kielburger

What started off as an idea from a school boy is now recognized world wide and the efforts and successes are celebrated each and everyday.  Starting in 2007 CTV stepped in and to this day is the Official Broadcast Partner of “Free the Children“‘s signature event, “We Day”. More recently has CTV not only broadcast some highlights from the event, but now broadcasts the entire event both on television and through their website.  You can check out “We Day” moments through the months of September, October, and November, at www.ctv.ca or check out loads of information about the history and projects going on at www.freethechildren.com 

Change is all around us and nothing stays the same.  CTV has been bringing us Canadians stories that truly allow us to get a glimpse of our world and its events for many years.  We may not always be able to strike our world as Craig did, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be struck by news and the effects it’s having on our world.  Here is a story about two young men who are able to come visit our beautiful country and come together to celebrate “We Day” because they too got involved with “Free the Children” in their community which happens to in Kenya.  This is proof of how powerful one message can be in the world.  the news of a good cause and people like CTV that are willing to promote it can truly bring people together, no matter their race, beliefs or social standings.


Although I must admit I did not know anything about “Free the Children” before I got onboard with the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant, I am plan to keep supporting the good cause.  Through the organization I am able to get involved with a number of events to contribute to the cause.  My most recent favorite which I plan to look into once back from  nationals is the Brick by Brick project which involves bringing schools and education to communities which otherwards can not afford or support it.  But dont get me wrong that’s not the only project they have going for them.  Check out more on their website!  Here is a picture of my sister and I after I hosted a roast beef supper with all proceeds going to “Free the Children”.  We had tons of fun had a nice evening with family and friends.  It is awesome that helping others can be fun and fulfulling too. 

After a great night!

“We Day”, if not broadcast would not be the success it is today.  It brings in large names and by doing so and braodcasting these stars and their messages to the general public opens the public’s eyes and realize just how much of a big deal and good cause it is.  People see these big stars and realize it is cool to care and from there more and more people want to get invovled.  We are sometimes like a herd of cattle.  I know I’m from Saskatchewan and others may not understand this reference but hang in there.  Haha we are!  As much as we want to stand out and be a leader sometimes seeing one person, like the stars on stage supporting the cause attracts us and make sus want ot follow in their foot prints.  Groups hold power.  Groups tell society that they mean business and that they are there to stay for a while.  CTV allows “We Day” to redeem more public awareness for their cause but also to fall back on the fact that a broadcastign company with a reputation like no other is willing to suppor them and their efforts.  Let’s face it the media, whether it be the internet or the television or other sources, is where most of us rely on to get the information we want and often in the end the information we had no knowledge of, yet we learn so more.

If children really are the leaders of our future we have to do our best to prepare them and give them what it takes to get to where they are going, no matter where that path may lead.  With a mission like: “Helping children through education” how could us good hearted, down to earth Canadians not want to make sure that happens.

CTV I believe has surpassed all expectations from society as a private broadcaster and it deserves every once of praise from us Canadians for it brings us qualtiy, a great reputation and the compassion and true pride for its country that we expect when being represnted as a whole.  As CTV often said in the late eighties…”The Choice of Canadians”.


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