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so if you have been following me in any way you may have already picked up on the fact that I’m a bit different than your average girl.  For those of you who do not know me very well I consider myself to be awell rounded person, always trying new things and up for a challenge.  One of the major factors in my life that makes me stand out from the crowd is the fact that I have just finished the schooling part of my first year of heavy duty mechanics. With that in mind what if I had my own t.v. show…what would it be about?  Well let’s take that idea and put it into a bigger picture.  Let’s pretend that I am the host of my very own mechanics’ showd where we take old trucks (my favorite) and restore them or even hot rod them!  Now some of you may be thinking ok so what’s so great about that.  There are many mechanic shows and some of them never make it past their first year because they don’t stand out.  Well that’s where mine has a bit of a twist to it.  Being one of the only females I know in my chosen trade i have come to realize that if you arn’t around people that accept you and your chosen career path chances are they won’t want to see you succeed and may do anything to prove the trades is not the place for a lady.  I have been so fortunate to work with amaxing people who are all so willing to take time out of their busy schedule to help me out and allow me to learn and experience for myself.  So with the challenge of beign a female in the trade in the back of my head why don’t I include females on the show.  It would be a half hour weekly show of the how to’s in restoring old pick ups with highlights focusing on more general, necessary tips.  For each season run we would have one main project truck and bring in people that specialize in custom work which can really explain their perfected techniques.  We can travel to different shops and invite guests to come on the show and show off their prize vehicles, also allowing room give pointers of the what and what not to do’s of the business.  We can head to high schools and get the kids in shop classes to challenge other schools in friendly mechanical competitions.  This would be an awesome way to highlight small towns also, of which I am so proud to live near and be associated with, especially when it comes to the down to Earth people.  There are so many good finds one the prairies and anywhere else I suppose.  You never know what treassure you may find in the back yard of an old farmer or in the shed that has been tucked away for years.  My show called…”  ” is a great way to bring attention to the people that work so hard at personal projects and never get the recognition they deserve. In order for this project and show to get under way I need the support from sponsors.  Even though I work in the trades I am still a female and love to celebrate that fact.  With alot of my attention being focused on the females and helping them maybe surprise some of the male population with the knowledge of mechanics, I know us ladies still love to uphold a certain look and prove that covered in grease or not we can do more than what we are always expected of or thought to be able to do.  We are not in the shop all day. We get home have a good scrub down and often want to get out on the town and have some fun.  With the help of Jeanne Lottie bags which can be found at http://www.jeannelottie.com

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Ladies, admit it, we don’t share all our secrets, but with the use of these two products everyone will be asking you where you shop or what your secret is when it comes to fashion and accessories.  Show off your beauty and compliment it with a great look!  Women are a force in this world that proves there are no boundries.  Now let’s have fun no matter what we are, what we are doing or where we spend our work day!

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