Many say, “Home is Where the Heart is”, but for me no matter where I am, at at the end of the day being home is a feeling like no other.  Yorkton is my hometown and has been ever since I was born.  I love it here and there are many things that make it home for me.  Our population sits around the 18,000 mark and is growing rapidly due to the fact that Saskatchewan is booming these days.  Although we are one of the larger cities Saskatchewan has to offer, we still  have a small town feeling.  If one has been here for awhile they start to realize that the people are really the best part of the community.  Yorkton and area people are always willing to give a helping hand out to anyone and know how to have a good prairie time.

Welcome...Ill be your tour guide

The song, “My Town”, by Montgomery Gentry” is a good representation of how I feel about where I come from

We certainly are not a small community when compared to other communities in Saskatchewan, but to some places like Ontario, we are.  Yorktonites come toegther with the same attitude and support that comes from that of small town residences.  Check out all links to great places in Yorkton at

Yorkton has so much to offer and the people really do care about the city.  I have so much I would love to tell people about my awesome city, and by no means am able to show all of it, but I’ll give you a taste. 

This is our story…

Let’s head down to watch the ponies run!  The Conerstone Raceway located on the west side of the city is the place to be on a Friday night.  In fact my family used to race our standardbred horse .  Yorkton’s track is getting better each and every year and attracts many fans. 

Me on the in field at our horse race track

Yorkton is full of many historical sites and buildings.  Here is a picture of one of the many churches in our city.  St. Mary’s is probably the most visited of the churches by tourists, due to its beautiful architecture and traditional ways of delivery its services.

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church

      My school days started off at St. Paul’s elementary class.  I went through from kindergarden right to Gr. 8.  After that I attended Sacred Heart High School and spent my next four years here and graduated.

St. Paul's School where I attended k-Gr. 8

Sacred Heart High School

From High School my family and I decided to enroll me in my first year of the Tri-Trades program (which covers: Heavy Duty Mechanics, Ag Tech program and the Truck and Transport Tech program).  Here’s a picture of the Parkland College, and also a picture of myself and some of my fellow classmates working on a semi.  A big thank you to Truck Proz, the shop that made room in their busy shop to allow us, the students, to get hands on experience…you guys and gals are awesome!  For more classes and information check out

Parkland College campus in Yorkton

Working hard all three of us grease monkeys

 Around Yorkton we like our vehicles and alot of us are what some people refer to as “red necks”.  Although I did not grow up on a farm and would never say I’m something I’m not, I may not seem to fit all the traditional ideas of what a pageant participant may like or be invovled in.  I need to be polished where ever I go so that I represent where I’m from in a positive way, so if I should I think my truck should model this too…right?!  Here’s a pic of my boyfriend and me changing my stock tires to BF Mud Terrains.  You can say, my “stock” Chevy is looking mighty fine these days.  We are quite a unique couple as we can talk to each other in “vehicle language” and most of the time we know what each is talking about.  But stuff like that is not that surprising around here.  That’s why its great to be from a place that is so unique and breeds such unique and boundry demolishing individuals.

Awe we even match. We must be serious about our trucks

There is one beautiful place that I love to visit as it is so peaceful and natural, and …it is super close to my house.  My family lives on an acerage on a road that leads to a lake.  York Lake is not a huge lake, but it’s so close to town it attracts people that don’t have all day to book off and go somewhere.  York Lake is a friendly, family orintated lake, camping, and baseball area.  Sometimes my sister and I ride our bikes down to the lake or walk the dogs down, near by the nature trails.  One thing is for sure.  Yorkton has so much to offer and nothing is too far away.

a very beautiful day at the lake

On the prairies its not such a bad thing to have a muddy truck, but every now and then we like to show off the shiney beauties, and that involves a bubble bath, adn now it’s not for the owner.  I snapped this picture of Dylan as he got my Chev covered with pink bubbles at Yorkton’s newest gas station and car wash.  But guess what the coolest part of the new wash is…I can bring my dog and wash her too! Sasha wasn’t much of a fan, but loved the fact that she got both dad and me soaked!

scrub-a-dub-dub the Chevy's in the tub

Sasha Bear and dad...both soaked

The Gallagher Center is one of Yorkton’s biggest attrractions, espically when it comes to hosting some our annual events.  Things such as the Harvest Showdown, Bullarama, Spring Expo, Sunflower- craft show, the Regional High School’s graduation, all of the Yorkton Terrier’s hockey team home games, private banquets, curlign events and many more.  It is an incrediable facility and is used by much of the community for various reasons.
The Gallagher Center is also home of a unique swimming area.  Here is a picture of Cole, a family friend who works at the water park, and myself.

Cole and me

Yorkton is also home to some of the most beautiful golf courses around.  Unfortunately due to record high water levels and endless amounts of rain falls this year the courses have suffered.  Infact one course is unplayable on the back nine, because it is under water…literally.  My dad is a well respected golfer, not only around here but at many courses.  I remember going to visit him at the course and take what I learned in lessons and tips from dad to the test.  Here’s me in front of one of the beautiful courses.

The course

But like I mentioned before Yorkton just wouldn’t be the awesome place it is without the people.  Throughout my journey to nationals I have shared my story with many people and so many have made up my huge support system.  Individuals and businesses have contributed in more ways than one.  Recently my parents’ store held a fund raising BBQ for me, at which I had some of my best friends help out at, and yes that’s right Miss Teen Yorkton…MOI has a new title of “grill queen”.  A huge thank you to M&M Meat Shops in Yorkton for having us!  Many people recognized me and sent their best wishes.  Two of my favorite little fans…my cousins, Julie and Ally were among the many that came by to support me.  Here we are looking good in the sun. Check out M&M Meat Shops also online for hundreds of meal ideas at

Two little cuties

My 4-H club has also been just as excited as myself to know  that I am going to nationals.  Here are the members from the Light Horse Project from Melivlle that I am a part of.  These amazing kids only make up about half of our club.  My leader, Twylla has allowed me to share my story with the whole club. Thanks Twylla!

Check out this good looking group!

My college has been a huge part of my journey.  They want to see me succeed and are doing more than I could have ever imagined in supporot and to get the word out there.  They take pride in all their students, and take the time to make sure each student succeeds and feels like they have truly accomplished something in their life.  I was asked to speak as the student representitve at our college grad and to speak about my journey to the pageant.  Here’s myself speaking and a fun class photo.

Good Evening everyone...Flex!

But no matter how many places I visit I won’t forget how my sister’s drum teacher, who used to teach me piano, got my name out to her students and families.  Her year end concert was not only full of great talent and music from all decades she got me to dress up and speak about my journey.  She printed my information in the program and everything.  Thank you Mrs. Hack for being so caring and sharing your talent and passion for music through all your students.

Don't we look fabulous

And let’s not forget the talent that night.  Great job Jessie you did awesome.  Jessie is my amazing sister.  One of the people that gets my name out there and wants to see me go all the way.  In the words of a true sister…”I owe you big time sis!”

After the awesome drumming took place

**Also as a reminder check out Lenzr for amazing contests or follow them on Twitter @lenzr
So now you know just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my turf.  Yorkton truly has so much to offer and celebrates when one of us “Yorktonites” excels in life no matter what it might involve.  I couldn’t ask to live in a better place, where everyone knows a little bit about everyone.  Like many of us say…”Yorkton-Where good things happen
-Jenny-Miss Teen Yorkton-World 2011
”All of life is a journey: which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us.  We determine our destination, what kindof road we will take to get there, adn how happy we are when we get there
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