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So today me and my mom sat down and figured out everything I need to do before my little trip out east.  It is kind of a dreary day out, so not alot of tempt to spend too much time outside today.  Anyway my flight is booked, we got a call in with a local photographer, I booked a fund raiser supper and much more.  I don’t think people realize how much work and time goes into putting these kinds of things today.  My to do list only gets longer as each day goes by, but its an experience and it is fun.  Besides things with the pageant I have managed to keep myself a very busy girl.  

Yesterday my sister and I had a 4-H clinic at our general leader’s house.  We both had private lessons with our instructor.  My sister and her pony Jerry are doing so great.  Jessie loves to ride her now and is definitely getting better and her confidence is up drastically!  I got to work on my jumping yesterday and can’t wait for my next lesson.  I have had Daico, my four year old arabian gelding, since he was six months old.  I got Daico as a Christmas present and let me tell you nothing has so far beat that gift.  I think I may have even found a jumper saddle for him and am so excited to try it out.  Right now my sister and I are preparing to wrap up another year of light horse 4-H and are training specifically for different classes we are entered in in the saskatchewan youth equestrian tournament this summer.  I competed last year and loved it.  There’s nothing like spending th ewhole weekend in the barns.  From the smell to the passion nothing is more like home to me.  Here is a picture of me and my mare at the summer games last year.

Thanks to everyone that is commenting and following me on all my other sources.  Also a big shout out to everyone that been supporting me all along this journey


 “A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care”.
  – Pat Parelli

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